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SD Stickers


Super Deformed stickers of your favorite robots, androids, mechs, mechas, vehicles, and more! Decorate your stuff with fun art!

All stickers are printed with a glossy finish (unless specified). Each sticker has their own unique contour to best fit your needs.

Get 1 sticker or mix & match! Definitely more to come. Each sticker is approximately 3" x 2" - 3" x 3".

Pricing Structure:
• 1 - $3
• 3 - $8 (Use code STICKY3 at checkout)
• 6 - $15 (Use code STICKY6 at checkout)

The item will be shipped bagged and flat in a bubble mailer with additional sturdy cardboard panels to prevent bending and/or damage.

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for shipment.

**Actual product die-cut will vary.