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Q: Are you available for commissions?

A: Yes I am! Unless I am swamped with other things, but please feel free to contact me about any commissions or projects.

Q: What mediums do you use?

A: For digital works, I primarily use Adobe Photoshop with a graphics monitor tablet. For traditional works, I use Micron Pens, various brush pens, Copic Neutral Gray Markers, white ink/paint, and pencils.

Q: What do you draw on?

A: When I'm just sketching, I'll use whatever I have. Moleskine, Cansons, Strathmore, Cottonwood, printer paper, napkins, etc. For traditional art commissions, I use Strathmore Toned (gray or tan) paper, bristol paper, or blank comic covers.

Q: Why does it take 2-4 weeks to ship my order?

A: Mainly because of time/schedule. I am running this solo at the moment, so I have to schedule a time to ship things out. However, I'll do my very best to get things out to you as soon possible!

Q: Ok, what if I'm local to you? Can we meet up to save on shipping?

A: Yes we can! I can meet up within San Diego, CA. Just let me know via the contact page and we can arrange a time and place to meet. Also, I will give you a code so you get free shipping on the order, or I will refund shipping costs via PayPal.

Q: Do you attend Comic Conventions?

A: I sure do! Although I can't attend them all, I try to make it out to ones in Southern California. You can see my convention schedule on my website.